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Dec 18, 2012 5:00am EST
>> google service is will be today for a third student killed in a friday's school shooting in newtown, connecticut. this comes as students in the schoolty will return to sandy for those attending hook elementary. now more. >> the first funerals were held of friday'sictims shooting at sandy hook elementary. jackwo six-year-olds noah pozner and jack pinto or laid to rest. >> he was a very. . when she told him i love you, he as i lovenot as much you. >> there was not a dry eye when .he mother spoke tremendous passion and feeling.s i think everyone was touched. >> family and friends also remembered little jack pinto, a wrestler. many of his friends arrived at sweatneral wearing shirts. d in a new york giants jersey. has forever changed. we are here for the pintos. >> most newtown students will to school this morning. at sandy hook will not. trucks headed to a neighboring town to reopen in a former middle school. >> the backpacks they left behind are on the truck. they will try to make it as close to possible as the classroom they left. no official date as to when against.k will open >> st
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am EST
scientists will find a genetic clue as to what motivated him to kill 27 people in newtown on december 14. the debate over guns in america will take center stage in fairfax county today. members of the group code pink plans to rally this afternoon outside a gun show at the dulles expo center in chantilly. organizers: fabricating four assault weapons ban and for background checks of people who by weapons at gun shows. an effort to train teachers to use guns so they can confront the assailants is under way in utah. nearly 200 teachers took a free gun training courses offered by the state was the leading gun lobby. there were taught how to safely carry a concealed weapon on the job and to protect our schools from an armed intruder. >> safety is the biggest part. to be able to use them appropriately is a high priority for me. >> utah is one of the few states where public schools allow guns on campus. it in the wake of the connecticut school student there was a push to add more states to that list. a new gallup poll finds 64% of americans think army at least one school official would be at lea
Dec 31, 2012 5:00am EST
his full weight behind legislation aimed at preventing gun violence. the body of the newtown shooter has been claimed for burial. that is the word from the state medical examiner. somebody wanted to remain anonymous -- an ominous -- anonymous claimed adam lanza's body. 5:18, and jacqui terrace is here. we have been talking about whether all morning long. noticeably culver out there. -- colder out there. >> it was brittle. the winds have died down. that is the good news. temperatures have cooled down as well. 30 degrees is our temperature at reagan national. that is always the exception rather than the rule. take a look at temperatures across the region. for the most part, we are in the '20s. i am thinking that annapolis is incorrect. the temperature at frederick, 30 degrees. 21 in manassas. 21 degrees in culpeper. we're about 10-15 degrees colder than we were this time yesterday. while the winds calmed down there is enough of a breeze that there is a touch of a wind chill factor. it feels like 20 at the lows. when charles r., 18 and 21 in hagerstown. -- wind chills are feeling like
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3